Bio-Force Revelation Certification Course

Bio-Force Revelation Certification Course

Having completed our two day certification course, there is a lot to be said about the learning and journey taken on by our students. Having dove head first into the subject of Bio-Force Healing, we quickly learned the power of the human mind and the effects of energy on the human body. By connecting with our mind, we learned about and applied various techniques through hands-on activities; all of which resulted in truly profound learning. With such a diverse class, we had the opportunity to explore the strengths and weaknesses of unique individuals all of which contributed to an amazing learning environment.

Beyond the concepts presented in class, the skills and activities allowed everyone to realize their potential and in turn learn how to apply the strength of the human mind into their daily lives. 

In the coming days we will be sharing relevant media for our current and future students. Please be sure to connect with us regarding our upcoming Level 2 Certification Course. Keep in mind our Level 1 Course will still run as well!



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