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Hippocrates Health Masters Inc
Bio force Incompatibility (Permanent Allergy ) Elimination Center
Amir Danesh Sedighian Rad
Doctorate in natural Medicine DNM; member of EBNMP (Reg: 357-606 (L2)
Doctor in Natural Medicine DNM; member of EBNMDP_NA Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners .North America REG#DNM2313-202
DNM of Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine CCHM REG #DHS 29-102
American Association of Drugless Practitioners; member of AADP (Cert: 51012311)
Metaphysician & Ontologist
Researcher & Practitioner of Divine Human Health Science


Please read this primary information before moving on to the various sections of this webpage:

All the information contained in this website are for informational and educational purposes. These statements are not evaluated and/or approved by the Food and Drug Administration and other related bodies.

Please keep in mind the information presented in this webpage are written to express and share information and scientific research gathered from studies, author experiences, scientists, nutritionists and informed health advocates. The information presented is not to diagnose and prognose, treat, prevent or cure any diseases. The information presented is not intended to prescribe any techniques, materials or concepts which may be used to administer treatments.

Please be advised that from April 1st 2013, I will use Divine Human Health Science, Metaphysics, Quantum Coalition and Ontology. I will not be performing, promoting nor advertisingconventional/alternative/allopathic/Integrative medicine such as acupuncture therapy or traditional Chinese medicine and related modalities such as NAET, E.F.T etc...

This page is dedicated to taking you on a journey through my 45 years of experience in conventional, allopathic, alternative, integrative medicine as well in ontology.  This website is a reference to my human health science credentials, knowledge, experience and expertise.

My 45 years of study, research, learning and practicing in metaphysics and Ontology has allowed me to interact with my surroundings and human health science.  I have made the decision to make revolutionary changes in my practice by incorporating the various modalities of frequency medicine in my practice.

With these revisions to this website, I will bring effective, simple, straight forward, cost-effective and powerful treatments and services to you. I invite you take your journey of healing with me.

Please be advised that:

  • All services offered by myself & Hippocrates Health Masters Inc are not covered by OHIP. They may not be covered by anyextended health plans.
  • I do not prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs nor do I advise for or against the use of medication that other doctor(s) have prescribed for you. If you wish to seek more information about your existing medication and health maintenance, please consult with your doctors.
  • The treatments performed in our office will not clash with your existing medication.
  • Treatments offered at our office will improve your health with your cooperation and desire to rectify your health conditions.
  • Upon your request, we administer free assessments four times per year. All necessary bioforce tests are administered in order to monitor your health condition.
  • I do not use the title M.D or any variations of it.

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