Services & Treatments

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Services & Treatments

  • Initial Consultation/Examination

  • B.F.I.T. - Bioforce Incompatibility (Allergy) Elimination Technique 

  • Permanent Allergy Elimination Treatment

  • AAT - Accelerated Permanent Elimination (Avoid Avoidance)

  • Physio. Rehab Conditioning and Treatment

  • NERT - Negative Emotional Release Treatment 

  • T.L.R. - Time Line Resetting

  • B.E.H. - Bio Energy Healing Therapy

  • Life Coaching, Family, Business, Personal and Marriage Counseling

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • NLP - New Language Programming

  • Clinical Therapeutic Hypnotherapy for Chronic Disease - Special Requirements Required From Client.

  • Akashick Record Consultation

  • Manual Myofascial Pain Syndrome Therapy (for very chronic and severe muscle and joint pain)

  • Bio - Force Long Distance Treatments and Treatments by Phone

  • Self-Evaluated Personality Test

a. You will learn about the reality in your life; identify yourself and who you are, how you approach life and what you need to accomplish to remain true to yourself. 

b. You will concentrate on understanding the motivational forces within yourself.

c. You will develop a thinking process which will help you reach your goals. 

d. You will understand the way you prioritize facts and feelings, and how other people affect your needs, choices, job preferences, and contributions to your social circle. 

e. You will better learn about your inner self which will then outline your individual fears and worries.

f. You will learn about your reactions to being under pressure and the outcomes of your decisions.

g. You will reveal your suppressed emotions. By confronting the issues you usually try to avoid, you gain the power to stay on track and not let incidental things distract you from your goals. You will better understand the ways in which you confront your thoughts and other people. This test symbolizes the deep-rooted concerns that inhibit the pursuit of your passions.

h. You will see how you see yourself.

i. You will determine your energy type and understand how others see you.

j. You will learn to embrace your passions and to respect the motivation of those you love.

  • Energy Balancing Program (E.B.P)

  • Detoxification and Cleansing Program


If you have any questions about our services/treatments, please do not hesitate to ask. 

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