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Metaphysician Course (Bio-Force Incompatibility Technology Workshop) 

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On December 13th 2012 Daniel Rad attended the Hanukkah Lighting of the Menorah Celebration alongside Zelda Young of the Zelda Young Jewish Radio Show as well as some listeners and patients.

Rabbi Kaplan lead the Ceremony, told the Story of Hanukkah and why it is celebrated as well as lighting of the candles.

Please click below to see the videos of this special occasion. 

Click for Rabbi Kaplan's Testimonial

Click to See Rabbi Kaplan's Story of the Menorah/Hanukkah

Click to see the Ceremonial lighting of the Candles by Rabbi Kaplan


Show Spots with David Grossman from

Daniel Rad DNM/Ontologist/Metaphysician talks about Energy Medicine

Daniel Rad DNM/Ontologist/Metaphysician explains why being healthy will help you excel physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, etc...

Daniel Rad DNM/Ontologist/Metaphysician Explaining the Benefits of Detoxification & Cleansing

Show Spots with Janette Burke From (I'm Every Woman) 

Daniel Rad DNM/Ontologist/Metaphysician speaks about Women's Chronic Diseases - Causes and Solutions

Daniel Rad DNM/Ontologist/Metaphysician talks about Stress in Women and what they can do to overcome it.